C86ACCP Clearpath Connector Board for the Acorn Controller

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  1. Wiring Sample C86ACCP with Acorn CNC and Clearpath Servo Drive
  2. Wiring and testing a C86ACCP
  3. Wiring and testing a C86ACORN
  • Enable and disable the drives.
  • Splits Step and Direction signals from axis X or Y to allow wiring an additional axis using the same signals.
  • The board can be activated and start monitoring for a driver’s fault using the axis enable or NO_FAULT signal.
  • Electromechanical relay reflects the ACTIVE / FAULT Status of a servo.
  • Power terminal (12VDC / 24VDC).
  • Status LEDs for fault axis and relay status.
  • Connector CONMOLEX 8P for driver CLEAR PATH.
  • Pluggable Screw-On Terminals

Compatible with:

This video shows the details of the wiring and configuration:

This video shows Max Meaker’s Controller: