ClearPath – Nema 34 9.5 Nm Servo Motor

ClearPath-SD series servo systems are a perfect drop-in replacement for your stepper motor and drive systems. Get increased machine throughput (8-13x more power than similar size steppers), whisper-quiet motion, and no more lost steps.

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ClearPath – Nema 34 9.5 Nm Servo Motor

The ClearPath-SDSK model allows you to precisely servo-control position (and velocity) using “step & direction” (or quadrature A/B) command signals. These digital signals are commonly used to control stepper motors and digital servos, so they are available from a wide variety of products including PLCs and stand-alone motion control “indexers”. Compared to ClearPath-SDHP models, which also use step & direction control signals, the SDSK models have less peak torque, but are a lower price for any given amount of continuous (RMS) shaft torque and power.


Motor Frame Size NEMA 34 – (86.87 mm) sq.
Length 117.60 mm
Input (bus) Voltage Range 24-75 VDC (90 VDC max)
Peak Torque (@75 VDC) 9.9 N-m
Cont. (RMS) Torque (@75 VDC) 2.8 N-m
Max Speed (@75 VDC) 1130 RPM
Achievable Resolution 0.057 degrees
Repeatability 0.03 degrees
Shaft Diameter 12.70 mm
Weight 2.6 kg
Rotor Inertia 2.1 kg-cm²
Logic Input Voltage Range 4.0 to 28 VDC
Maximum Radial Load 222.4 N
Maximum Thrust Load 44.5 N
Ambient Temperature1 -40° to +70° C
Ambient Humidity 0-95%; non-condensing
Environmental Rating Dust & water splash resistant
Regulatory Certifications UL recognized; cUL recognized; CE; RoHS
Safety2 Supports STO (IEC 60204-1) Safety Requirements
Country of Origin USA
Warranty 3 Years