Creality Halot One Plus CL-79 3D Printer

R10,999.95 Incl VAT

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The Creality Halot One Plus is the upgrade from the Halot One Pro resin 3D printer. The Halot One is the entry level resin printer from Creality. The Halot One Plus is the top of the range in the Halot range and comes standard with a 4K screen resolution. This means that this printer can print the finest detailed parts. This is an ideal entry level resin printer for someone who does not want to compromise detail.


  • Printing technology: UV Curing
  • Build Volume: 172 x 102 x 160mm
  • Max printing speed: 1-4seconds / layer
  • XY Printing Resolution: 0.04mm
  • LCD screen: Monochrome LCD Screen
  • LCD Pixels: 4320 x 2560 (4K)
  • Connection mode: USB, Wifi
  • Slicing Software: Halot Box (Included), Lychee or Chitubox
  • Power Input: 200-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 100W
  • Compatible resins: 405nm photosensitive resins
  • Machine Weight: 6.8kg
  • Machine size: 236 x 243 x 418mm