Victron Lynx Distributor

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Victron Lynx Distributor

It contains a positive and negative bus-bar and provides a connection for 4 individual DC equipment circuits, loads, or DC groups. It has a space for individual DC fuses per DC group. There is an optional feature of an LED for each fuse to indicate if the fuse is blown. If you wish to use the fuse indication LEDs on the Lynx Distributor, it also requires a connection to a Lynx Shunt.
The Lynx Shunt contains the necessary wide input (8 to 70VDC) power supply to output the required 5V (4,5V-5,5V) power requirement of the Lynx Distributor circuit board.RJ11 fly leads are used to connect the Lynx Shunt to the Distributor. This RJ11 cable is supplied with the Distributor in the box.
There are two ports on the Lynx Shunt, and it is possible to use either. When all is OK, only the central LED is green; when a fuse has blown (or is missing) the central and blow fuse circuit LEDs turn red. If you are not using all connection points in your DC distribution, it may be necessary to fit dummy fuses to extinguish the red LEDs.
A future upgrade is planned to also send info back to the GX device over the VE-can but is not yet implemented.


Uses MEGA fuses. Please note that some MEGA fuses are only rated to 36Volt (suitable for 24V systems), You must use 58/64V rated fuses for 48V systems.


Connectors and dip-switches:

  • The R11 connector is to power the Lynx-distributor from the Lynx-shunt
  • The DIP switch on the Lynx-distributor is for specific manual settings, to do with our 24V batteries. Please don’t touch.
  • The 6-pin header block on the Lynx Distributor is for reading out the fuses, but this feature is not supported.