Modular Vise System (Hobby)

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SMW Modular Vise uses low profile clamping for a versatile work-holding and fixturing system in combination with fixture plates, and M6 hole pattern fixture plate sizes for Metric hobby plates.

Product Details:

  • Aluminum body and jaws machined in-house by SMW.
  • The fixed position Mod Vise uses countersinks or dowel pins for quick alignment with the Fixture Plate’s bolt pattern. Note: Not all M6 fixture plates contain locating bores. The Mod Vise can still be used with these plates without dowel pins.
  • Video Tutorial on How to Use the Mod Vise.
  • Included mounting hardware intended for use with M6 fixture plates- Longer hardware is recommended for use with Mini Pallets due to their extended dowel pin bores.
  • Jaws can be used with standard vise parallels without our Reversible Insert Bars or Mitee-bite Talon Grips, however, to use built-in parallels one or the other must be used (sold separately).

Contents Include:

  • (1) Aluminum Fixed-Position Modular Vise
  • (1) Aluminum Adjustable-Position Modular Vise
  • (4) Clamping bolts.
  • (1) Socket Head Cap Screw hardware kit to fasten Modular Vise to SMW Fixture Plate

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