JMC 1.5Kw-130mm AC Servo Motor with Driver and Brake

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JMC 1.5Kw-130mm AC Servo Motor with Driver and Brake

Main Features
1. Excellent Position compensation function to have high precision positioning control.
2. With an automatic gain control module, the user can choose according to the demand response level.
3. The built-in FIR filter and the multiple sets of a notch filters, can automatically recognize and suppress the mechanical vibration.
4. The built-in disturbance torque observer, makes the driver a strong ability to resist external disturbance.
5. Three control modes. position control, speed control, and torque control.
6. Location input pulse frequency up to 4 MHZ, support pulse + direction, orthogonal pulse, double pulse position command a variety of ways.
7. Programmable 8-way input and 5-way output port available, users can define input, and output requirements via settings, flexible application.
8. Can be matched with motors which are 17 bits, 20 bits high precision absolute encoders.
9. Complete protection functions including overvoltage, under-voltage, overspeeding, overloading, Position deviation too large, encoder errors, etc.
10. Rich monitoring items, users can choose wanted items to test the running state.
11. Drive communicates with the PC via connecting RS232 port to have an easy, quick debug servo drive system.

1.5KW Servo Motor 7.5Nm 17bit Encoder with Driver and Brake

Electrical Parameters

  • Model: 130JASM515230K-17BCT-SC
  • Servo model: JASD20002-20B
  • Frame Size: 130 mm
  • Supply voltage (v) 230v
  • Rated power(w) 1500
  • Rated Torque (Nm) 7.5
  • Max torque (Nm) 22.5
  • Rated current (A) 6.5
  • Max Current (A) 25
  • Rotor Inertia (10(-4)Kgm² 12.4
  • Rated Speed (r/min) 2500
  • Max speed (r/min) 3000