ClearPath – NEMA 143 32.9 Nm Servo Motor

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The ClearPath-MCVC model is used mainly for velocity (speed) control replacing AC induction motors, synchronous motors, DC motors, and more expensive (and non-integrated) servo systems. But it also has a torque mode, as well as the ability to precisely move between two different user-defined positions, so it can replace pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. In all cases, you get smooth, quiet, bi-directional, and precisely servo-regulated motion in a low-cost, integrated package.

Specifications (with blower kit installed)

Motor Frame Size NEMA 143 – 189.74 mm sq.
Length 288.04 mm
Input Voltage Range
Input Voltage for 5-wire systems
100-240 VAC (1- or 3-phase)
300-415 VAC (3-phase, 5-wire)
Peak Torque (@230 VAC 3-ph) 32.9 N-m
Cont. (RMS) Torque (@230 VAC 3-ph) 13.4 N-m
Max Speed (@230 VAC 3-ph) 2760 RPM
Achievable Resolution 0.090 degrees
Repeatability 0.006 degrees
Shaft Diameter1 22.23 mm
Weight 12.3 kg
Rotor Inertia 19.0 kg-cm²
Logic Input Voltage Range 4.0 to 28 VDC
Maximum Radial Load 756.2 N
Maximum Thrust Load 177.9 N in; 311.4 N out
Ambient Temperature2 -40° to +70° C
Ambient Humidity 0-95%; non-condensing
Environmental Rating3 IP65; blower kit not IP rated
Regulatory Certifications UL Recognized for use up to 240 VAC;
CE certified for use up to 415 VAC; RoHS
Country of Origin USA
Warranty 3 Years

Operating Modes

Ramp to Selected Speed By changing digital inputs (from your PLC, switches, etc.), ClearPath will smoothly ramp to one of four preset speeds.
Manual Speed Control Fine control of speed from zero to max speed at the turn of a knob. Remembers your last set speed or resets to zero speed when motor is enabled.
Spin on Power Up Just turn on power and smoothly ramp to your preset speed. For when all you need is reliable, constant speed from a brushless motor, and a bare minimum of wiring. It doesn’t get any easier than this.
Variable Speed Connect a digital waveform (PWM or frequency) from your PLC or other device, and ClearPath will run at a speed proportional to the waveform. (This mode can also be used to make ClearPath a drop-in replacement for a brush motor.)
Variable Torque Apply a variable torque (or force or tension) in proportion to a digital command (PWM or frequency)
Sensor Positioning Trigger ClearPath to move in either direction and it will smoothly ramp up to a chosen speed and stop when it detects a sensor (or switch).
Absolute Positioning Trigger ClearPath to move to one of two preset positions. Perfect for replacing air cylinders where more power and finesse is needed.
Peak Torque
32.9 N-m
Cont. (RMS) Torque
13.4 N-m
Max Speed
2760 RPM
Peak Power
5,647 W
Cont. (RMS) Power
2,981 W