PlasmaSens Torch Height Controller

The Pokeys PlasmaSens is a plasma torch height sensor for Plasma Torch Height Control with full isolation. In a combination with the PoKeys57CNC CNC controller, PlasmaSens guarantees precise and reliable operation of the Plasma cutters.

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PlasmaSens Torch Height Controller

CNC plasma cutters without Torch Height control won’t make smooth and precise cuts. Therefore they won’t operate reliably. Consequently, a Plasma Torch height controller is a must on every modern CNC Plasma cutter. Torch height controllers need a reliable operation in an industrial environment. Hence the need for PlasmaSens Torch Height Controller.

PlasmaSens is an accurate plasma arc voltage measurement adapter. Above all, it is based on modern 32-bit microprocessor technology. Even more, state-of-the-art analog design and advanced microcontrollers algorithms guarantee reliable operation in an industrial environment. Above all, efficient and precise cutting of materials depends on torch distance between the workpiece and plasma arc. The arc voltage is proportional to the distance between the plasma torch and the workpiece. PlasmaSens Torch Height Control regulates it to the preset distance. That above all provides unsurpassed precision across the entire cutting surface. PlasmaSens is constantly measuring arc voltage. More of that PoKeys57CNC CNC controller is constantly analyzing the received signal. As a result, precise tuning of the Z-axis and smooth cuts are guaranteed.

PlasmaSens has a built-in AC power supply. Because of noise, it has advanced optical isolation. PlasmaSens – Torch Height Control is very simple for physical installation and safe to use. Above all it isolates Plasma noise from the CNC controller. Moreover, the device offers two arc voltage level inputs. High voltage input up to 350 VDC or low voltage input (without 1:50 internal divider) up to 10 VDC.


PlasmaSens Torch Height Controller Features:

  • Plasma voltage measurement up to 350 V
  • Main AC power supply (110 VAC – 230 VAC /50-60 Hz)
  • Full optical output isolation; transmitter and receiver connected over an optical fiber cable
  • Additional input for divided plasma voltage (1:50) up to 10 V
  • Plasma voltage present signalization
  • Plugin support Mach3 and Mach 4
  • DIN-rail mountable housing
  • PoKeys57CNC – USB and Ethernet CNC controller is needed for operation

PlasmaSens Torch Height Controller Package includes:

  • PlasmaSens – Torch Height Controller
  • Receiver board with a flat cable
  • Optical cable (2m and 5m)

For reliable Plasma Torch height control operation with any CNC controller, please check PlasmaSensOut which has ArcOK, Up, and Down signals.


PlasmaSens user manual.pdf

Compatible with the Hypertherm Powermax 45XP

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