Centroid KP-3 CNC Touch Probe for Acorn / AcornSix

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Centroid KP-3 CNC Touch Probe for Acorn / AcornSix

Part, Vise, and Fixture Probing: Automatically Set Zero points fast and accurately.

Use the KP-3 probe to quickly and accurately find zero points on a vise, fixture, or part. Eliminate operator error when setting zero points, and finding edges, or center locations of bosses or bores, slots, and webs.

Eliminates the need for a center finder or an edge finder. You’ll never have to spend 30 minutes using a center finder to locate the center of a bore again. The probe will find and set the center of a bore in just seconds.

In addition, the probe can be used to verify part dimensions and locations and many other applications. The KP-3 mounts in any 1/2″ tool holder and has concentric adjustment screws. Patented and Made in the USA.

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