Oryx GT9-2040LI-G3-3.2 ATC CNC Router

The Oryx GT9-2040LI-G3-3.2 ATC CNC Router the perfect CNC Router Machine for Heavy Duty CNC Milling. This is our Top of the range CNC Router Machine for the Woodworking, Signage, and Manufacturing Industry in South Africa. 

R290,000.00 Incl VAT

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Oryx GT9-2040LI-G3-3.2 ATC CNC Router

ATC is the short name for Automatic tools change spindle motor, it’s designed to meet the high speed and complex machining requirements. The Oryx GT9-2040Li-G3-3.2 ATC CNC Router is equipped with the ATC spindle motor that can enhance efficiency BY 3-5 times.


  • Mechanical Hardware
  • 3.2Kw Spindle & VFD
  • 7 x Limit switches ( X +, X-, Y+, Y-, Z+, )
  • Homing, Auto Squaring, and Soft Limits
  • CNC Controller – Masso G3
  • Servo Motor Size: 8.5 Nm Nema 34 Servo Motors
  • Software: Masso Link
  • Electronics: CNC Controller Box
  • 24 Months Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Oryx GT9-2040LI-G3-3.2 ATC CNC Router Specs:

  • Footprint: 2000mm x 4000mm at the base Stock size measured from the base
  • Work Area: (X-1850mm) x (Y-3750mm) x (Z-200mm) *Stock size
  • Rapids: 6000 mm/min, Recommended, 21000 mm/min Maximum
  • Plate Material: 20 mm thick 6082-T6 aluminum
  • Rail Material: 6061-T6 aluminum for x, y, and z-axis
  • Linear Rails: HGR20mm on All Axis’s
  • Motion Drive System: Rack & Pinion
  • Servo Motor Size: 8.5 Nm Nema 34 Servo Motors
  • Spindle Size: 3.2kW Water Cooled ATC Spindle with VFD
  • Repeatability: .09mm – .05mm
  • Accuracy: +- .127mm
  • Electronics: CNC Controller Box


Optional Upgrades:


Optional AC Servo Motor Upgrades:


Optional Vectric CAD / Cam Software


Solar Power Solutions


The Oryx GT9-2040LI-G3-3.2 ATC CNC Router is based on our popular GT3 CNC Router machines and has become the favorite Hobby or Light Duty CNC Router Machine in South Africa.  We developed the Oryx GT5 CNC Router for customers looking for an industrial CNC Router machine with optional 4th-Axis capabilities for CNC lathe functionality. 

Although the GT3 and GT5 CNC  Router Machines may look similar our GT9 CNC Router Machines incorporate changes that make them unique in their own way. Suitable for a whole host of applications.

Aspiring Hobbyists, Manufacturers, Engineers, Woodworkers, Sign Makers can increase their productivity and services with the ability to manufacture products, by CNC Cutting, Precision Drilling, and Engraving of soft metals, hardwoods, plastics, and high-density foam.

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