Obtaining and activating license for PlanetCNC controller with TNG software

We are aware that the license is an annoyance. But please understand us.

PlanetCNC TNG software works only with Mk3 series of controllers: Mk3, Mk3/4, Mk3DRVand Mk3ECO.
You cannot use PlanetCNC TNG software with Mk2,Mk2/4, and Mk1 controllers!

To obtain your PlanetCNC TNG license please follow the steps below(follow steps very carefully and in exact order):

1.) Update your PlanetCNC USB driver to the latest version: Updating to new PlanetCNC USB driver

2.) Update your controller with PlanetCNC TNG software: Updating PlanetCNC controller with PlanetCNC TNG software

3.) When you complete steps 1. and 2., connect your controller with PC, start PlanetCNC TNG software and click the Help tab: Help/License Management/Activation Code Generator

You will notice that option “Enable computer” is available. With this feature enabled you are able to select your computer from the Device list and generate an activation code. We do not accept these activation codes (KU…..).

Select your controller from the Device list so that becomes highlighted. “Code” window will be populated with code that starts with “CU…”. Copy this code using right mouse click and select “Copy” or click “Copy to Clipboard”

Send us this code via e-mail when you will request for a license. E-mail should also include some sort of proof of license purchase for your controller. Such as invoice, license code used for old software etc…

Your license code will be sent to you via e-mail.
License code will look like this:

5.) After you receive license code from us, in PlanetCNC TNG software click Help/License Management/Licenses

Click the Import button:

Paste the license code that we sent you. You can use the right mouse click and select “Paste” or you can use the “Paste From Clipboard” button.


Click OK.
Your controller will now appear on the License list:

Software should notify you if license activation has been successful.

You will also notice that the green light at the bottom right corner is now without X.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot use the old license with PlanetCNC TNG software as also setting files from old CNC USB controller software.

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