Masso G3 CNC controller – Everything you need to know

Since its inception, Masso has come a long way in manufacturing high-quality CNC controllers, and with the latest Masso G3 CNC controller, they have made several improvements. If you are building a CNC machine from scratch and are very much into DIY CNCs, it is great to have Masso G3 as the controller. In the later sections, we would discuss the advantages of having Masso as the CNC controller. For many individuals who like to design CNC machines by themselves, Masso is a reliable brand.

Their extensive customer support makes things easier for you when you are building a CNC machine all by yourself. One of the highlighting traits of the Masso G3 CNC controller is that it comprises dedicated hardware thus eliminating the need for an extra computer. Direct Wi-Fi connectivity option comes as an added bonus for tech-savvy users. Let’s explore the beneficial aspects of opting for a Masso CNC controller.

Integrated with full hardware and software features

Masso G3 CNC controller review

Masso G3 CNC controller comes integrated with full hardware and software features. To be precise, this is where the superiority of the Masso CNC controller lies. Of the many controllers available online, the G3 is the most affordable and reliable. Let’s face this! The cost of building a CNC machine all by yourself can burn a hole in your pocket. And if you are not good at budget management, then there are high possibilities that the manufacturing cost would exceed the set budget.

In these situations, the Masso G3 CNC controller is your most ideal bet since it supports up to 5 axes. There is no need to worry about installing drivers and motion cards. All you have to do is to wire the CNC controller to your motor drives. However, don’t forget to enter the calibration values before commencing with machining.

What differentiates Masso G3 CNC controller from others?

The Masso G3 CNC controller is a perfect embodiment of quality and superb workmanship. It comes built-in with various essential features which makes your task relatively easier. Once you wire the Masso, you don’t have to be on your toes about troubleshooting the PC driver.

Interestingly, Masso also enables you to handle compatibility issues with ease. With Masso as a CNC controller, you no longer have to worry about the frequent crashing of the PC hard drives, viruses, and file corruption. Also, the Masso G3 is many times faster than its previous version Masso generation 2 controller since the new version has better performance and also seamless spindle control and many other functions.

What’s more, you can even keep dust particles and debris away from the controller. It is because it features a passively cooled design that exudes practicality to modern users. Hence, there are no cooling fans.

Thus, it is evident that the Masso controller is a lightning-fast system that can be readied in moments after booting up. For many users out there, Masso is unarguably one of the best and affordable CNC controllers. Another highlighting trait is that the brand offers you personalized support and free software updates.

Specific things to know about Masso G3

Apart from eliminating worries related to the installation of drivers or motion cards, there is a lot more to appreciate about the CNC controllers from Masso. It is always an enticing proposition to just wire a controller to the motor drive and starts machining. But there are certain other features you should know to comprehend the immense capabilities of Masso. So let’s explore the other prominent features of this CNC controller which make it so popular among modern-day users.

  • One of the core areas where Masso triumphs over others are that it comes with lighting fast startup times
  • It usually takes less than 10 seconds to boot. In other words, you are all set to commence with your G-Code in no time
  • With Masso, you eliminate the cost of hardware systems. There is no need for any UPS or hardware
  • You can use this controller in environments that are heavily polluted
  • No cooling fans required. It comes equipped with its own cooling system
  • You can resume the machine right after power failure

Special Features of Masso G3 CNC controller

Special Features of Masso G3 CNC controllers

It is worth noting here that the Masso G3 controller has only two Y axes. This is the reason that you have to order the 4-axis version so that the controller can work properly with the machine. Always remember that this controller doesn’t come with stepper drivers. Hence, you need to get two stepper drivers and connect to the Y-axis. Also, note that you need to get separate stepper drivers for the X and Z-axis also. Thus, for many people out there, getting a 4-axis Masso CNC controller is a practical choice. With a 4-axis controller, you would be able to slave the Y-axis to A-axis. Furthermore, would have the option to wire up the 4-axis Masso directly to the controller.

On the other hand, you can also get a 3-axis Masso CNC controller. In the 3-axis controller, you should wire the A and Y-axis Gecko inputs together. These should be wired just at the Masso output and then invert the connections at the Gecko output to get the opposite direction Y-axes. With this arrangement, there is no chance whatsoever for the Y-axis motor to get the same signal.

How To Execute Masso G3 CNC controller?

One of the most popular points about Masso is that it has a simple and intuitive interface. This is what makes it a popular CNC controller nowadays. Here is the list of some specifications which you don’t need at all to run Masso on your device.

  • There is no need to procure PLC for tool chargers
  • Don’t require drivers and motion cards
  • The only thing you need is the Masso CNC controller.
  • Along with it, you also need servo motors, a VGA monitor, and a keyboard/mouse


Let’s hope that the points mentioned above would help you to implement a wise buying decision in buying Masso G3 CNC Controller. To be precise, Masso has controllers for every machine type. So it doesn’t matter whether you are designing control lathes or waterjets. The only thing for consideration is to have a Masso controller in your CNC machine.

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