How to Choose Stepper Motors for your CNC Machine

Closed Loop Stepper Motor with Driver – NEMA 34-8.5Nm

How to Choose Stepper Motors for your CNC Machine. It’s easy to make mistakes while choosing one and end up with an overkill or an underpowered setup. This article is for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts to help you choose the right stepper motor that meets your project and CNC router requirements. I have discussed a […]

Servo vs Stepper Motors for CNC Machines

Stepper or Servo Motor

Which Motor Do You Need? Servo vs Stepper Motor… CNC machines mainly use either stepper or servo motors to drive their axes. Although both motors can control the movement of cutting tools and axes, what’s the difference between both? Rather than going deep into their theoretical differences, I’ll tell you every important difference that practically […]