Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-6W-XF Engraving Laser Head

Universal CNC Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-6W-XF includes all needed parts to connect your laser head to a machine. Includes Magnetic LaserDock and 43 mm Nozzle. Accepts all types of signals: Analog 0-5 V, Analog 0-10 V, PWM/TTL 0-5 V, 0-10 V, and 0-24 V. Allows connecting to any type of the CNC controller output connector and any type of signal modulation. Everything you need is included!

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Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-6W-XF Engraving Laser Head

About the PLH3D-6W-XF Engraving Laser Head

The leading 6 W laser from the PLH3D-6W-XF Engraving Laser Head series. Professional engraving laser head designed for industrial applications. Robust design, compatibility with all types of control signals used in CNC in 3D printing market as well as with a wide range of PSUs, strongest available in its size fan providing best cooling and smoke removal. It comes with a lens adjusting tool which allows changing the focus distance easily. You can also discover further information about our universal XF CNC laser.

About the PLH3D-6W-XF Engraving Laser Head

The key function of the PLH3D-CNC Adapter is to “arm” and “disarm” the laser head. Arming means turning the head power supply on; the armed head is then able to generate a laser beam. Disarming (turning the head power supply off) brings the laser head in a safe state where generating a laser beam is fully impossible.

The laser head may be checked by generating a short laser pulse at maximum power.

Built-in safety means prevent misuse and unexpected behavior at an emergency. The key switch protects the laser head against arming by children and other unauthorized persons. Arming the laser head is always done manually by the user, by pressing a button. A special circuitry prevents arming at any malfunction of internal electronics. The laser head is being automatically disarmed in case of emergency: loss of the mains supply, PSU failure, breaking or disconnecting the laser head cable. After disarming, the system remains in a safe state, and rearming always requires pressing the button by the user.

Key features of the PLH3D-CNC Adapter:

  • Soft Start
  • Indication LEDs – power, armed, laser working
  • Build-in microcontroller – watchdog
  • Two programmable enable inputs
  • Two external safety terminals (for example safety key, E-Stop)
  • Automatic disarm after power off
  • One second laser test
  • Compatibility with the PLH3D laser heads
  • Keylock for preventing use by unauthorized personnel
  • Machined aluminum quality enclosure
  • One button system (arm, test, and setting of enable modes)

All types of CNC control signals

Use only one input during the connection!

Universal adapter allows connecting all types of signals used in CNC machines.

All input wires are labeled for ease of use.

  • Analog modulation 0 – 5 V
  • Analog modulation 0 – 10 V
  • TTL/PWM modulation 0 – 5 V
  • TTL/PWM modulation 0 – 10 V
  • TTL/PWM modulation 0 – 24 V
  • Low TTL/PWM