Roland LV-290 CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter

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Roland LV-290 CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter

Cut, Engrave, Mark and Make with the LV Series


You don’t need to be a machine expert to cut out, engrave or mark on hundreds of different materials. Make amazing things at the touch of a button with the LV-290 or LV-180 laser engraving machines.

  • With laser-precise results, cut-out wood, leather and acrylic, and mark on metal, glass and many more items.
  • Available in two sizes to fit your home, office or shop, they offer a safe, fully-enclosed operation with a non-contact CO2 laser.
  • The perfect machine to pair with a VersaUV LEF printer to create giftware and prototypes for unique customisation.


Engrave, Cut and Build Your Business with Hundreds of Applications

Whether you’re looking to launch a new personalisation business or expand into some profitable new applications for your current business, Roland DG’s LV laser engraving machines add so much choice and product diversity. Add photos, art, or text onto existing products or cut-out your own items for marking or engraving.

  • Giftware and Merchandise
    Precisely engrave or mark onto objects from smartphone cases, pens, and so much more. Cut-out and engrave acrylic and wooden giftware items.
  • Trophies and signs
    Cut-out shapes in wood for trophies or marks intricate text and designs onto wood, metal and glass. Add 3D reliefs and other decorative elements onto wood for high-end trophies and signs.
  • Art and unique items
    Cut intricate shapes out of wood, card and plastic materials to fabricate unique products and prototypes for art projects, games, models and more. Pair your LV laser engraver with a VersaUV LEF flatbed printer for the ideal prototyping or giftware solution.
  • Jewellery and fashion
    Mark designs onto metal items like watches, tools, and jewellery or engrave onto soft goods like leather purses, bags and fabric products. Cut-out your own pendants and jewellery from leather and acrylic.
  • Electronics
    Mark personalised designs and text onto sensitive electronic items such as power banks, headphones, smart devices and other high-end electronic items.


Precision Cutting and Engraving

The LV series uses a non-contact CO2 laser to engrave complex shapes and text with crisp edges at high speed. Unlike conventional computerised engravers, cut surfaces have a smooth, clean finish without burrs, thus eliminating the need for any final touch-up work. With no engraving cutters to break or wear out, the laser always maintains a beautiful finish with no degradation in quality. The LV-290 is equipped with a CCD camera that supports positioning the material to accurately contour cut UV-printed graphics.

Supports a Broad Range of Materials

The LV series is capable of working with an extensive range of materials, from plastics to wood, leather, paper, cork and much more. With two models available featuring different laser power and work areas, users can select the model that best suits the thickness and size of the materials you wish to work with.

Designed with Safety First

The LV series is Class 1-compliant under the “IEC60825-1” international standard for laser devices. The structural design ensures a sealed housing that prevents laser light from bleeding outside. If the cover is opened during processing, the safety interlock mechanism automatically halts laser irradiation. In addition, LED lighting illuminates the work area, allowing you to visually check whether the processing is being performed safely and properly.

Our Laser Engraver and UV Flatbed Printer Combo Opens Up Profitable New Business Possibilities

LV series laser engravers are ideal for engraving or cutting shapes out of acrylic and other resins. With the VersaUV LEF/LEF2 series UV-LED printers, you can print amazingly photo-realistic colour, textures and simulated 3D embossing as well as gloss and matte finishes. Combining the LV series’ capabilities with that of the LEF/LEF2 series printers enables the creation of premium value items, such as custom giftware, personalised awards, or acrylic displays with attractive graphics. Jigs that support setting up items to be UV-printed efficiently can also be easily created by cutting out resin shapes for the number of items to be printed.