Roland MPX-90s CNC Engraving Machine

Perfect for gift personalization, the METAZA MPX-90S metal engraving machine is a cost-effective, user-friendly way to mark gold, steel, silver, titanium, brass, and aluminum.

  • Small investment, big profit
  • Compact footprint
  • Engrave photos precisely

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Roland MPX-90s CNC Engraving Machine

Desktop Metal Printer

Pocket-sized Personalisation

The MPX-90S lets you create a wide range of custom-engraved products easily and quickly. Simple to use without special expertise and filled with profit-making potential, this is a perfect solution to start your venture into personalization with very little initial capital.

Less Space – More Opportunity

Start producing personalized products today. You can fit your entire business on an office desk or a kitchen table and create the foundation to build something even bigger in the future.

Engrave Photos on Metal

With the MPX-90S solution, you have everything you need to print text, logos, and even photos onto metal items. In a matter of minutes, you can turn inexpensive blank items into highly desirable and lucrative products.

Profit with Personalisation

Today’s customers want to buy one-of-a-kind gifts and they will gladly spend extra to get the perfect present. The MPX-90S gives you the power to create a wide variety of applications and capitalize on this growing trend.

Key Benefits

  • Fast Set-up and Ease of Use: Plug in and start working immediately thanks to Roland DG’s user-friendly interface.
  • Intuitive Software Included: METAZA Studio, letting you easily create designs and engrave in a simple workflow.