Oryx GT3-1515-CUT40 CNC Plasma Machine-001

Oryx GT3 CNC Plasma Machine

All of our plasma cutters are designed using industrial quality components for maximum durability. 

Our sole focus is quality, from the components used to build our CNC plasma tables to the training and support we provide after purchase, attention to detail is our middle name.

When you order one of our plasma tables, you receive a turnkey solution with guaranteed on-site installation and training.

However, we don’t stop there. Our support team is available whenever you need them for remote diagnostics or product support, either by phone or online. 

Whether you’re an independent shop or an industrial custom fabricator, we know that reliability, particularly in CNC plasma cutting tables, is critical.

While our products guarantee reliability, they will also allow you to be flexible and efficient, anticipating the needs of clients and setting you apart from your competitors.

We know that time is money and your time is valuable. As your partner, we’ve developed a dependable, budget-friendly system that allows you to take projects to the next level. 

We build our plasma tables with your company’s future in mind.