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3D CNC Africa - Shaping the future

Introducing our new line of CNC Routers, CNC Milling, CNC Plasma, and Laser Engraver machines for hobby and commercial use, while offering best in class performance and affordability.


The vision of 3D CNC Africa is to be a business partner in the Manufacturing industry by creating economically viable and sustainable Manufacturing facilities and sectors by distributing and servicing the latest technological innovations throughout South Africa.


3D CNC Africa’s high standards of business ethics, professional management and relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction through service excellence, 3D CNC Africa becoming a household name in Africa for Reliability and competitive prices.


In conclusion, the foremost aim of our company is service of the highest quality to our clients, the main factor contributing to business success for ourselves and our customers.

CNC Router Machines

Our CNC Routers are suitable for a whole host of applications. Aspiring Hobbyists, Manufacturers, Engineers, Woodworkers, Sign Makers can increase their productivity and services with the ability to manufacture products, by CNC Cutting, Precision Drilling, and Engraving of soft metals, hardwoods, plastics, and high-density foam.

Oryx GT5-2030LI-2.2 CNC Router with 4th-Axis South Africa
Oryx GT3-1010Li-1.5-LS-ST CNC Router South Africa_001
Oryx GT5-2030LI-2.2 CNC Router with 4th-Axis South Africa_2

CNC Plasma Machines

Integrated THC

Torch height control is a critical application in CNC plasma cutting for creating the best cut quality in your part and also consumable life. This component is controlled and monitored by arc voltage, moving the Z-axis up or down to keep the torch at the same distance from the material throughout the cut. A great feature for cutting bowed or warping material and also is used for cutting corrugated.

THC Anti-Dive

THC Anti-Dive is another critical feature for cut quality when slowing down on corners, end of the cuts, and also creating those perfect holes. THC Anti-Dive disables THC when the arc voltage drops below a certain percentage of your arc voltage setting when you are slowing the feed rate around corners or when cutting holes. If not disabled, your torch would dive into the part/hole.


Standard on all of our machines is a waterbed below the cutting area. This part of a CNC plasma table drastically decreases smoke and dust in your work environment. It also helps cool the material, decreasing the chance of the material warping faster.

CNC Motion Control Software

Mach 3 / Mach 4 Plasma motion control software, Windows compatible with Ethernet and USB interface. We use SheetCAM for CAD / CAM generating cutting toolpaths.

Oryx GT3-1510-CUT40 CNC Plasma Machine-001
Oryx GT3-1510-CUT40 CNC Plasma Machine-002

Reviews From Satisfied Clients

“ I have pushed the machine to what I believe its limits are, and they fall well within the scope of what you would require for a production machine. I can recommend the GT5 CNC Router, as I strongly believe its one of the best machines available in South Africa currently."

“Die hoofrede hoekom ons die GT5 CNC Router masjien gekoop het: om massas pizza borde teen tempo hewig te profile. En pappie, hy deliver! Welgedaan met ñ great produk, 3D CNC Africa!."

“ Wanna thank 3D CNC Africa from the bottom of my heart for over delivering on a product that is above and beyond what was asked. Your business ethics supercedes all others... Hopefully we can discuss a new project soon "

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